“We have to make sure that we are starting at the beginning; you will find that the people doing the oppressing often want to start the narrative at a convenient point..always want to start in the middle. It starts with a kid getting shot and killed and being left in the street for four hours.”

- Jesse Williams talking about Mike Brown on CNN [x]

Do you ever fall in love? Just like that?

(Jesse Williams is an activist/actor, you can watch him beautifully articulate the criminalization of the black body and the indifference around black life here, or learn more about his work with Question Bridge: Black Males and The Advancement Project here. Oh and he has a tumblr too. Also relevant, 10 Things White People Can Do About Ferguson Besides Tweet)

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Orange Is The New Black had their own float at NY Pride. 

I can’t EVEN!

Also why is this video of Samira WIley grinding with Dascha Polanco so god damned short? I’m dying from all of the sexy.

(Video from Matt McGorry’s Instagram)

Can I identify as awkwardsexual? Is that a thing? 

(Second question where are the dating sites for people who find awkward folks endearing? Ughhhhh.)

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New Crush Courtesy of the Feminist Porn Conference 2014: Episode 1 Madison Young

One of the greatest side effects of attending the Feminist Porn Conference a few weeks ago was having the chance to get to know new performers and directors I hadn’t been exposed to before. 

I’m one of those people who crushes a lot harder on folks when I have had the chance to talk to them, hear about their interests and get to know them a bit. I am also a sapiosexual, and hearing these intelligent entertainers speak about topics they are passionate about ignited my flame in a way that simply perusing porn vids never could. 

Without further ado, may I introduce Madison Young. 


Madison describes herself as a “sex-positive Tasmanian devil” and a sexual revolutionary. 

She is a porn performer, feminist, artist, film director, sex-educator, gallery director, sex-coach, Mother, and has recently penned a memoir called Daddy


When she was on the panel at a session called "Rope Sluts, and Bottoms, and Subs Oh My!" I found myself hanging onto her every word. The way she spoke of her identity as a submissive really resonated with me. 

Some of my favourite Madison Young quotes from that particular session:

"I’m very aggressive in my submission. I swallow and engulf dominant energy and pain like I would a part of their body."

"BDSM does not depend on the gender or genitals of the people involved. It’s an exchange of energy as equals. It’s gifting loving energy and sensation from one person to another. Many people think bdsm can’t coexist with feminism, but bdsm allows so much space for it."

"My submission, my feminism, my queerness does not depend on someone else. It is part of my identity. I wanted to document how I like to have sex. I am a feminist, & I am kinky, so my porn was going to be feminist kink porn. I can’t be inauthentic."


When I got home I read more about Madison, including her artistic statement for her gallery show Becoming MILF, an artistic commentary on Motherhood and sexuality. I continued to be struck by her unique voice and fearless message. 

I knew I was smitten when after the session we were chatting and I asked her about her upcoming projects… she described a Davie Bowie themed Ziggy Stardust porn in which SHE PLAYS DAVID BOWIE!!!! DAVID BOWIE THEMED PORN!!!!! 

Madison Young on Twitter

Madison Young’s website The Sex-pert Next Door

Purchase Daddy: A Memoir by Madison Young

Literally how I found all of my tumblr crushes.

Literally how I found all of my tumblr crushes.

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Tumblr, how did you neglect to inform me of this unbelievable hotness?

Tumblr, how did you neglect to inform me of this unbelievable hotness?

(Source: New York Daily News)

I had no idea bears could be so saucy. <3

hunny-bearr: I’m on MFC and cute as a button Find me under hunny_bear

I had no idea bears could be so saucy. <3

hunny-bearr: I’m on MFC and cute as a button Find me under hunny_bear

Today I’m distracted by beautiful things and sparkling possibilities. 

Don’t mind me…

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