This article by badass journalist Mac McClelland really spoke to me. I’ve said several times that I find kink and submission to be therapeutic and I love finding out that I’m not alone. 

When practiced with loving partners who understand my needs I have had as many breakthroughs in the bedroom as I have in my therapists office. 

My body felt devastated but relieved; I’d lost, but survived. After he climbed off me, he gathered me up in his arms. I broke into a thousand pieces on his chest, sobbing so hard that my ribs felt like they were coming loose…..

…at the moment, Isaac pulled my hair away from my wet face, repeating over and over and over something that he probably believed but that I had to relearn. “You are so strong,” he said. “You are so strong. You are so strong.”

It’s a compelling read and an excellent addition to the emerging profile of kinky-folks as conscientious, evolved and self-aware. (After years of being demonized, pathologized and vilified it’s a refreshing trend!)

Trigger warning: Rape, trauma, violence, generally terrifying reality.