So… I know there is a stigma here, but sometimes I like to call him Daddy.

Not always, but in the right circumstance. Like last night, we were on the couch and he had me stripped down to my sweater and knee socks. He told me to sit on the coffee table in front of him and play with myself. He already had me so worked up, he’d been kissing me and touching me everywhere-but-there for half an hour now, so I leaned back and eye fucked him while I teased my pussy with my fingers. I could see what I was doing to him and it just encouraged me to keep teasing him, I couldn’t resist. I sucked my fingers clean and spread my knees a little wider and in my best little-girl voice I said “Don’t you want it Daddy?”

That was it. He wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me into his lap, and whispered that I was such a good girl while he slid himself inside of me.

I really get turned on by moments like this, I crave it sometimes. I love it when he makes me feel small, when he makes me feel like his. I never identified this as kinky play, but once I started reading Kinky Casey's blog I learned more about the Daddy/Little dynamic and realized it's the right label for the dynamic I sometimes seek. This kind of play is so stigmatized and Casey does a fantastic job at educating others about why consensual role-play is awesome. (She’s also auctionning off a date with her pal Princess, check it out if you like kinky gingers.) Some people like this dynamic all the time, for me it has to do with my mood.

It makes me laugh that admitting to liking this is harder than admitting some of the kinkier things in my sexy arsenal.

This is one of the reasons I love this community here on tumblr. Without you there are so many conversations and realizations I never would have had. It’s nice to have space for these things… isn’t it Daddy? (Hee hee… just wanted to see if you liked it too….)