She wanted to fuck me, but she had never done it before. Neither had I.

I begged my nearest dearest lesbian friend for advice and her words of wisdom were “You just have to get over the abruptness of seeing a girl wearing a dick.”

In my head I just didn’t know if I could take her seriously wearing a strap on. She’s such a princess, a girly girl. She likes it when I use her. I was worried I would laugh inappropriately, or make her feel uncomfortable. But, as always, I was game. And curious. And horny.

Our boys were with us when we tried it. They, hers especially, worked me up really good before hand. He had me handcuffed to the bed, straddled over me fucking my face, calling me all kinds of deliciously dirty things. Then my boy joined in and they teased me together and I came and came and came out of sheer joy. I love not being in control, and they had me there, at that place where my mind has checked out and my body says yes yes yes to anything. Pure carnal bliss.

She came in and was fiddling with the harness, flustered and frustrated that she couldn’t get it tight enough; my tiny pretty girl, wearing a huge cock. Her boy helped her get it just right, I watched, my breath held.

She turned, took one look at me and said “No no no! I don’t want her like that!” in her high pitched squeal, “Get the cuffs off of her.” she demanded of the boys, who had, for this moment, become nothing more than our assistants somehow. I was getting flushed, watching my girly girl order them around, barking orders about how she needed to fuck me. She held my gaze, and you know what? It wasn’t even funny, no giggling at all. I just wanted her.

She came to me, we found our coordinates together as we kissed and licked and touched as usual, but with this big silicon cock between us. When she was ready she started pressing into me and pumping her hips.

"Ohhhhh that feels so goooood…." she sighed breathlessly.

"Umm…" I hesitated… "You’re not… in me."

The room erupted with laughter. I couldn’t help it. it was just so funny, her blushing, pouty face as she realized she had missed, and the sheer hilarity of that soundbite.

We composed ourselves and tried again, with much more success. She was surprised at how much the base of the dildo rubbed her clit as she fucked me. It was so hot watching her get off on me like that. We played for ages like that, just enjoying the novelty of this new sensation.

"How come you’re not cuming?" she asked shy, but a little wicked.

"Because you’re not fucking her as hard as she likes it" her boy chimed in. Mine chuckled. They had been nothing more than flies on the wall for a while, we were so focused on the task at hand we had forgotten they were even in the room.

She looked at me, I nodded slowly, a sly grin creeping onto my lips. He knew me too well. She turned to him, “Show me how to fuck her” she demanded.

He pressed himself against her back, facing me as well and using the thrust of his own hips he showed her how to angle it just right, how much pressure I liked, the pace I need, and how to tease me a little when I was on the edge. He had it just right, and after a brief tutorial that had me moments from orgasm she asked me if I felt her or him. I couldn’t lie, what I felt was him pushing her into me. And it was hot. But not good enough for her. She wanted to do it all by herself.

I have to hand it to her. She meant business. And she was determined. And my girly girl made me cum all over her cock. I was so proud of her.