Oh hello there curious cat, I’m Heart.

I started this blog to have a place where I could talk and vent about my sex and love life. 

"It’s like a journal.
An interactive journal.
Where I get to show my boobs.”
All of the stories I tell, comments and captions are 100% true, though some details have been omitted or changed to protect my anonymity, as well as the identities of my partners.

I am happily married to a handsome man who happens to be my best friend. We are unconventional in many ways. We are not monogamous, but we are madly in love. Most of the labels commonly used (swingers, poly-amorous etc.) don’t really apply to us. And ‘consensually non-monogamous’ is a mouthful. We prefer the term 'awesome'. Or libertine if you really need to slap a label on it.

From the beginning of our relationship we have made up our own rules, though those rules have changed many times over the years as our needs and desires evolve. We both make communication and personal growth a priority in our lives.

We feel like marriage in a traditional sense is antiquated and out-of-date, many people are looking for more fulfilling personalized partnerships. Our culture (and many others) tends to look at sex and marriage as black and white; this is what it means, this is what is acceptable, this is how it’s done. I tend to live in the grey area. I loooove the grey area. I feel like more people need to be told that they are free to have whatever kind of relationship suits them, so if you are one of those people here it is: THIS IS YOUR LIFE! MAKE UP YOUR OWN RULES AND BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF! IT FEELS FANTASTIC! I am hoping we are on the verge of another Great Sexual Liberation.

It’s important to remember that this blog only touches upon a few facets of my multi-faceted life. Many people who know me in real-life would be shocked by the things I share here… but most wouldn’t because they know I’m a fierce and cheeky gal. 

I identify as queer. I am currently in relationships with men and women. I like group sex. I can be kinky. I’m usually submissive but some partners can inspire me to switch. I  I like words like ‘progressive’ and ‘fuck’. I am a sex-positive feminist. I think personal narratives are important. I feel strongly that racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, transphobia and any other isms you might be aware of are all firmly linked, and until we’re all free from oppression, none of us will be free from oppression. The fact that women in many parts of the world are oppressed, jailed, beaten, raped, tortured and killed for doing things I do, for being the way I am, reminds me not to stop being an activist.

The best part about keeping this blog has been connecting with others here and find out that what tickles my fancy might tickle yours too.

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Don’t be shy, I’m a very friendly girl.